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New audiovisual formats on big scale surfaces

Theoretical and hands-on workshop about Video Mapping and Live Cinema. Participants will get to know more about the historical context, known artists in this field, remarkable influences of artvideo and its direct relation with light, image and movement. In order to be able to generate new non-conventional formats and narratives.

Participants will learn in a hands-on and experimental way, different techniques of direct video and in multiscreen mode. They'll get to know hipermedia creative applications used in theatre, performance, art installations or music. In order for them to create individual or collective projects in a big scale in Universidade Internacional SEK - Guápulo, Quito, Ecuador.

We'll use the software Resolume Arena 5 and the protocol of communication MIDI in the learning process of the workshop. These systems will allow participants to explore with deepness multimedia tools while they have a real approach to video mapping technique and interactive art.

To whom?


This workshop is for everyone interested in audiovisual and new technologies. Either interested people, students or graduated students in cinema, visual arts, graphic design, multimedia, architecture, informatics, music, theatre or other similar field. The only requirement is for the participate to bring his/her laptop, camera and have minimum knowledge in audiovisual composition and edition.


Dates: 19th, 20th, 21st, 22nd, 26th, 27th March of 2018. From 6:00pm to 9:00pm
Exhibition:  6th April 2018
Period of exhibition: 24 hours

Site: Universidad SEK (Guapulo, Quito)
Payment:  $150 /person

How to register?


By making a transfer or deposit of 150$ / person in Banco Pichincha Cuenta ahorros: 2202031322


Name of the owner of the account:

Xavier Duque

CI: 1721515276


Confirm registration:

Send an email confirming the tranfer to:

Deadline for registration : Friday 16th of Marzo 2018 or until the 20 available places are filled.


Miguel Ángel Murgueytio


Contact us:

098 463 6428 David Barrágan

Gracias por tu mensage!

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