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ENOBRA is a productive and collaborative space of learning in a real context.

The project aims to dissolve the division between professional work and learning. By joining the place where one share knowledge and the place where one applies this knowledge: academia and practice. We are a heterogeneous community that is constantly searching and experimenting, putting emphasis in the practical and project processes can give. In order to find knowledge as an outcome of practice.


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We offer you different ways of getting close to the working world, by giving you the possibility of sharing and generating projects with us. Converting each project in a concrete space for learning.

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Who are ENOBRA?

Created by Al Borde, El Sindicato Arquitectura, Javier Mera, Jose María Sáez and REM.

We connect the experiences of everyone: teachers, students, neighbourhoods, clients, crafs; international and national guests. Here we all teach and we all learn. An heterogeneous community of constact research and experimentation. 

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