ENOBRA is a productive and collaborative space where you can learn in a real context


The project aims to dissolve the division between professional work and learning. By joining the place where one share knowledge and the place where one applies this knowledge: academia and practice. We are a heterogeneous community that is constantly searching and experimenting, putting emphasis in the practical and project processes can give. In order to find knowledge as an outcome of practice. We offer you different ways of getting close to the working world, by giving you the possibility of sharing and generating projects with us. Converting each project in a concrete space for learning.


We connect the experiences of everyone: teachers, students, neighbourhoods, clients, crafs; international and national guests. Here we all teach and we all learn. An heterogeneous community of constact research and experimentation. A place where the problems don't have a preconceived way of being solves. Aplace where freedom and rigour are the only starting conditions. A community where, on top of all, you are going to enjoy.


The conventional learning process simulates real conditions in order to get yourself ready for when you meet the “real world”. What we offer you is a set of formative processes “in the field” (en obra), that intend to complement traditional academic learning. By solving problems directly in the field, working with the neighbouring context, answering clients and communities’ needs. We’ll search for real solutions, even if we go beyond architecture. Here you can make it real what you learned in the university, what you wish to do in your professional life.

We are not a formal academy and as so we do not give titles neither credits. We simply offer a direct and experiential alternative of doing what you want to do, with the people with whom you’d like to learn. A place where you can lose the fear and take risks together; a place where you can learn how to manage the complexity of the real world. We start from the common aim of learning and doing what we like together. We are already doing it.